Susan Geary, CMRW

Hi! I’m Susan Geary, a 5-time certified resume writer. I want to help you get your dream job with a 1st Rate Resume.

When I was growing up, I never thought of professional resume writing as a career option. I wanted to work for an airline. Or in TV News. Or be on the radio. I wanted to try them all. And I quickly learned that it took a great resume and cover letter to open doors to these highly competitive jobs. Now I want to help you find your dream job.

Writing a resume is no easy task. As you’re probably aware, there is a lot of information out there, and much of it is out of date, or just doesn’t work. Make a mistake in formatting, spelling, missing keywords, or buried information, and your job search will come to a screeching halt. Plus, who wants the stress of learning to write such a mundane document with rules that change almost every year? You’re already trying to keep up with your own occupation.

My background in TV news taught me to ask the right questions, and write you a concise resume that anyone can understand and navigate. It’s true that you only get 15 seconds to get the hiring manager’s attention. Our resumes have passed that test time and time again.

Since 2000, I’ve helped more than 4,000 job searchers get the competitive edge. Blue Ridge PBS tapped me to be the resume expert on “JobQuest,” a TV program that won 12 awards during its 14 months on the air, including 2 Emmys. I also hosted “Career Matters” on Fox Radio 910 in Roanoke which gave me access to a lot of insider information on applicant tracking systems, working with headhunters, and Linkedin searches.

Of the 75+ jobs I’ve held myself, the most satisfying has been helping people find a job they love. I’ve been where you are. I’ve worked for great bosses, and horrible managers. I learned how to tell the difference during the job interview.

I’ve also seen changes in the job search throughout the years and kept up with these trends. That’s why your resume that worked 5-10 years ago won’t yield the same results today. The resume I write for you will be an original that will help you stand out among the pack. It’s an investment that pays for itself several times over.

Let me make it easier for you. Send me your resume for a review, and we’ll get started with a no obligation quote.

Franklin – The Office Dog

Franklin is our loyal companion who keeps an eye out for squirrels and package delivery drivers. When he’s not crashed out sleeping under our desk, he’s looking for one of us to tug a toy with or go for a walk on the nearby green-way down the street. Franklin Geary

Born in August of 2016, Franklin was adopted from Angels of Assisi in Roanoke, VA at 8 weeks old. He has 6 siblings, 5 brothers, and one sister. He wasn’t supposed to exceed 55 pounds but that proved to be false.